Homemakery How to: Valentine Embroidery Hoopla

Valentines Embroidery Hoopla

With Valentines Day just around the corner this cute embroidery hoop incorporates sweet embroidery with needle felting to create a gorgeous Valentines hoopla which can be displayed all year round.


9 inch embroidery hoop
Beige linen measuring 12 inch by 12 inch
Prym Mark & Erase Pen
Red & Pink Natural Wool Roving
John James Cross Stitch & Embroidery Needles – Embroidery Size 7
DMC Embroidery Thread Pack – Flower Garden & WhiteEmbroidery Threade
2 Red Buttons
1 FQ – Sevenberry Light Pink Ticking 
Red Stripe Ribbon 16mm

Love You Always Embroidery Pattern (click to download)


Needle Felting Pen
Needle Felting Mat
Clover Rose Needle Felting Mold


1. Download the Love you always embroidery pattern by clicking on the link above and print out onto A4 paper.

2. Trace your design onto your linen using the Prym mark and erase pen. The simplest way to do this is to washi tape your design and linen to a window then trace over the outline with the pen.

3. Next needle felt the hearts, if you don’t want to needle felt sew on some felt or simply embroider around the hearts, its up to you! If you are needlefelting use the Clover Rose mold and pink and red natural wool roving and needle felt onto the linen. If you are new to needle felting see our beginners guide to needle felting blog post for a step by step guide.

Tracing & needle felting

4. Next begin the embroidery:

Valentines Embroidery Hoop

  • for the Love You Always text we backstitched using red DMC embroidery thread 817, each stitch measures c.4mm long.
  • for the green leaves we used back stitch for the stem and lazy daisy stitch for each leaf in green DMC embroidery thread 954.

Leaves & Lettering

  • For the flower we backstitched around each petal in blue DMC embroidery thread 813.
  • For the little stars we stitched 4 straight stitches crossing in the middle in white DMC embroidery thread Blanc
  • We customised our needle felted hearts by stitching initials on the small hearts and outlining the larger heart in straight stitch.

Embroidered Needle Felted Hearts

5. Sew two small buttons in the centre of your flowers and your embroidery is complete!


6. Now to decorate your hoop. Cut your fabric into 1 inch strips about 15 inches long, you will probably need around 4 or 5 strips. Place some glue on the inside of the hoop, pva or craft glue will work fine. Stick the end of one strip to the glue and holding it in place keep wrapping it tightly around the hoop until you come to the end of the strip. Secure the end to the inside of the hoop with some glue, apply more glue to the inside of the hoop take the next strip and repeat until you finish wrapping your hoop.

Covering embroidery hoop with fabric

7. Leave your hoop to dry and trim off any loose threads. Put your finished embroidery back into your hoop and cut off any excess fabric. You can also back your embroidery with some felt at this point to hide the back.

8. Tie your ribbon onto your hoop with a big bow and your Valentines Embroidery Hoopla is complete!

Completed Valentines Embroidery Hoop

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Lily Razz

    That is so pretty! I’d love to take up embroidery and I’m so grateful for your tutorial, thanks! Would you mind if I reference to you on my blog? Lily


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