Knitted Easter Ducks with Leanne from Knit Me A Cake

Knitted Easter Ducks

Hello crafters, I’m Leanne and you’ll find me blogging over at Knit Me A Cake. I was delighted to be asked by Kate to share an Easter knitting project, and this pattern for ducks is one of my Nan’s favourites. It’s a really easy knitting project, so whether you’re new or an old hat at knitting, pick up your knitting needles and give this a go this spring.


To make the ducks you will need:


Begin this project by knitting each duck. The pattern is as follows:

  • Cast on 36 stitches.
  • Knit 12 rows in garter stitch (garter stitch basically means working every row using knit stitch, no purling is needed making it perfect for beginners!)
  • Cast on 1 stitch at the beginning of the next 6 rows (42 stitches).
  • Cast off 11 stitches of the beginning of the next 2 rows (20 stitches) so you’d go down from 42 to 31 in the first row, and then 31 to 20 in the second row.
  • Knit 11 rows.

Now break off the wool and using the yarn needle thread it through the remaining 20 stitches on your needle. The duck will look something like this at this point.

Knit your ducks

You’ll now need to sew the duck together. ¬†Start with the top of the head and then sew down the neck stopping at the back. Then sew from the bottom of the duck up to the top of the tail.

Knitted Ducks

Once you’ve got your duck sewn together you’ll need to add some facial features and stuff the head. Start by cutting out a diamond shaped piece of orange felt for the beak. The piece will measure at around a centimetre.

Ducks knitted up

Eyes will also be needed, and you can add these by sewing on some eyes, or by using eyelets.

Completed Easter Ducks

The ducks are now ready to be filled with Easter eggs. The best part! I added approximately 6 to each duck.

Finished Knitted Ducks

And there you go your Easter Ducks are finished! Happy Easter crafters!

A huge thank you to Leanne for her adorable tutorial. You can find Leanne on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course her blog Knit Me A Cake

4 thoughts on “Knitted Easter Ducks with Leanne from Knit Me A Cake

  1. Aileen Williams

    These ducks look great, thank you for posting the pattern. I have started knitting one, and have a couple of queries that maybe you could help me with.?
    The instructions state: ‘Now break off the wool and using the yarn needle thread it through the remaining 11 stitches on your needle.’ – but I have 20 stitches on my needle after knitting the 11 rows! Is part of the pattern missing here?
    Also, there is ‘Toy stuffing for the head’ listed in the ingredients, but there are no instructions for stuffing the head, and I’m wondering how the stuffing will stay in the head part!
    Am I missing something obvious??

    1. Kate Post author

      Hi Aileen, I popped your questions over to Leanne and will let you know when she gets back to me. I think she is on holiday this week so it might be at the weekend. Kate

    2. Janet

      How do I stuff the head of the duck? It’s a very easy pattern apart from not telling you how to keep the stuffing in the head.awaiting your reply thank you Regards Janet


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