Homemakery How To: Valentines Garland

Valentines Garland

I’m sure I’m not the only one to be glad to see the back of January and welcome February with open arms, mostly because I can start Valentines crafting in earnest! So today I am sharing a very quick valentines garland. I really love needle felting at the moment so this tutorial features sweet needle felted hearts which I shared in this tutorial but you could easily substitute them for pink felt balls or heart shaped pom poms.  Happy garland making!


Small Heart Doilies
Doilies Acrylic Stamp Set
Homemakery Lovely Bakers Twine in Hello Cupid
Red Devil Ink Pad
Red & Pink Natural Wool Roving
John James Tapestry Needles

Ingredients - Valentines Garland


Acrylic Block 
Needle Felting Pen
Needle Felting Mat
Clover Rose Needle Felting Mold


1. Needle Felt eight hearts, four using pink wool roving, four using red natural wool roving. If you are new to needle felting see our beginners guide to needle felting blog post for a step by step guide. If you don’t fancy needle felting why not use our pink felt balls or make your own heart shaped pom poms?

Valentines Heart Garland

2. Stamp three doilies using the heart shaped doily stamp from the Doilies Acrylic Stamp Set

3. Cut off 1.5 metres of Hello Cupid Lovely Bakers Twine and thread onto a Tapestry needle, take your first needle felted heart and thread it through, then thread a heart doily and repeat.

Valentines Garland

4. For our garland we used: red heart, plain doily, pink heart, stamped doily, red heart, plain doily, pink heart, stamped doily, red heart, plain doily, pink heart, stamped doily, red heart, plain doily, pink heart.

Finished Valentines Garland

Valentines Garland Needle Felted Heart Garland


Happy crafting!

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