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Pre-Order: Simple Stories Carpe Diem Planner

**To pre-order the 2016 Carpe Diem Planners click here**

**Now in stock find all the Carpe Diem Planners and Accessories here**

In our technological world where there is an app for everything, there is a small and growing movement to get back in touch with pen and paper and embrace good old fashioned planners. If you had a diary or Filofax back in the day you will probably have you used it to keep your life and to-do’s organised. Over the past few years there has been a slow and growing trend to take pen and paper planning to the next level with a spot of decoration using stamps, stickers, washi tape and cute accessories to decorate your planner, which certainly appeals to the crafter in me.

Being a bit of a planner addict, I have fallen in love with the adorable Carpe Diem A5 planners which are being released by US Scrapbook Company Simple Stories in November and am delighted to be offering them to Homemakery customers who fancy starting 2017 with a fresh planner slate!

Simple Stories square

The Carpe Diem planners come in 6 colours and this is how they will look in real life. From left to right we have: Black, Robins Egg, Coral, Teal, Pink and Platinum (Robins Egg has seriously stole my heart!).

Unlike most planners which can be a bit dull on the inside Simple Stories have created beautifully designed dividers and thoughtful inserts which will come included in your planner, along with a range of gorgeous “a la carte” planner accessories which you can pick and mix from to make your planner personal to you.

Simple Stories Planner Inserts

So to give you a bit of information on the planners:

  • The planner is made of faux leather and comes in 6 lovely colours
  • The inside is covered with black and white polka dot fabric
  • The planner measures 8 inches wide, 9.4 inches tall and 1.375 inches deep
  • The inserts measure 5.83 x 8.27 inches – the standard A5 insert size
  • The rings and binding mechanism are silver and use the traditonal “filofax” 6 ring binding. This means that these planners are really versatile and you will be able to mix and match with other planner inserts and accessories on the market.
  • The planner includes an elastic pen loop on the right inside cover
  • There are 4 pockets on the inside left cover and 1 pocket on the inside right cover
  • A metal camera charm is included to either hang from the snap closure or from an inside ring
  • Each planner includes a variety of inserts for all of your planning needs – {12) monthly calendar pages, {12} monthly tabbed dividers, {72} weekly inserts and {6) assorted decorative inserts
  • The planner pages are undated so you can start planning at any time

Shall we talk accessories?? They are seriously cute and will mix and match with the many other planners on the market.

We have stickers




Cute Paper Clips



And many other gorgeous bits and pieces which we will be ordering to go with the planners.

If you want to see the entire collection in the flesh do check out this video which shows the entire Carpe Diem collection:

Alternatively the Simple Stories website has pictures of all the Carpe Diem Planner Goodies.

So if you fancy getting your hands on a Carpe Diem Planner we are very excited to be taking pre-orders for a limited time!

By pre-ordering for a £5 deposit you will receive the planner of you choice as soon as it arrives with us in the UK at the end of November. You will also get first access to all the gorgeous accessories from the Carpe Diem planner range. We also guarantee that you will pay no more than £39.99 for your planner (including the deposit).

So which colour will you choose?

All planners

Top Row: Pink, Robins Egg, Platinum. Bottom Row: Teal, Coral, Black

Pre-orders will close on Wednesday 5th August, so make sure you don’t miss out and pre-order your planner today!

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An Introduction to Paper Flower Making

Introducing Paper Flower Making from The Homemakery

If you have visited the Homemakery lately you may have noticed our new range of  Paper Flower Making Supplies tucked away in our Home Crafts department!

Paper Flower Making is the perfect craft for many of us combining both a love of making and a love of flowers!  Paper Flower making is a craft that harks back hundreds of years but gathered popularity during the Victorian era when paper crafting supplies became more widely available. Now paper flower making is heralding a come back for the pinterest generation looking to create their own fabulous floral displays for their homes, parties and weddings.

When the supplies arrived on Friday I had a play over the weekend and made my first Dahlia, its not perfect but not bad for a first try!


So if you haven’t come across Paper Flower Making before and fancy giving it a try, here is our beginners guide to Paper Flower Making!

Flower Making Supplies

Paper Flower Making How To From The Homemakery

You don’t need a lot to get started with paper flower making, a roll of florist crepe paper,  paper covered wire (for the stems) and roll of floral tape will get you started:

Florist Crepe Paper

Florist Crepe forms the foundation of your flowers and is used to make petals and leaves. Coming in 25 colours there really is a colour for every flower! What makes Florist Crepe different from normal crepe is probably its pliability, florist crepe goes from a being a flat (albeit rumpled) piece of paper and with a little carressing you can work the paper to form the cupped shapes that form the individual petals of your flowers and leaves. Florist crepe is a lot more sturdy than normal crepe making it more durable and long lasting.

Florist Crepe PaperFloral Tape

Floral Tape is also known as stem wrap and is an essential piece of your flower making kit. Flower Tape is used for attaching petals and leaves as well as covering the stem. Floral tape is slightly sticky with an adhesive that releases as the tape is stretched and wound around the flower.

Floral Tapes


If you are making a bouquet of flowers you will need a sturdy stem to support your flower heads. Paper Covered Floral Wire come in 50cm lengths and using wire cutters they can be cut down to size. Using the Floral Tape you can cover the stem turning it any colour you like.Floral Tapes


Flower Templates are really useful part of your kit if you are looking to create a specific flower like a Peony, Rose or Dahlia. Made from sturdy cardboard the templates can be reused hundreds of times. Alternatively there are many Paper Flower Making Books on the market which come full of templates which you can photocopy and cut out. Alternatively you can draw your own and experiment using different petal shapes!

Flower Making Templates

Flower Centre & Stamens

To start your flower you need to create a flower centre, the simplest method is to fringe cut some crepe paper, if you want a round centre you can use a cotton wool ball or polystyrene ball covered in crepe paper. Packs of Flower Pips are available in multiple colour combos and they are used to make the very realistic flower stamens at the centre of the flower.

Flower Pips


You will need a pair of scissors for cutting your petals and leaves, craft wire and glue though not essential can prove a life send when trying to secure multiple petals and stamens. Something I am very keen to try with Paper Flower making is painting my petals to add depth, detail and colour variation to the flower petals, I cant wait to try that!

Paper to Petal

If you are thinking of dipping your toe in the wonderful world of Paper Flowers I would definitely recommend the wonderful book Paper to Petal. I have had my copy since February and I have been chomping at the bit to get the supplies in so I could start flower making!


Not only is Paper to Petal the most stunning coffee table book packed to the brim with beautifully styled and amazingly stunning paper flowers, its also a practical how to book. The front section of the book shows every flower beautifully photographed in drool worthy settings, next comes a section on the materials you need, followed by basic paper flower making techniques. Step by step instructions on each flower project in the book then follow along with 264 templates which you can photocopy and use to make your own flowers.

But don’t take my word for it watch this gorgeous video or pop over to Amazon and  you can take a look inside

That’s paper flower making in a nutshell, if you fancy giving it a try check out our range of paper flower making supplies here, there are even pre-made kits containing floral crepe, floral tape, templates and instructions so you can get started straight away!

I will be back soon with a few more paper flower making posts, its definitely my new favourite craft and I cant wait to share more with you!

Happy Paper Flower Making!

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How to make planner dividers for your Filofax or Kikki K

DIY Planner DividersAt the start of the year one of my (many!) new years resolution was to get organised! Out went the multiple post it notes, scraps of paper, notebooks and iphone lists and in came a pretty pink A5 Kikki K personal planner. Finally I had my calendar, to-do lists, ideas and everything else I needed to stay on top of work and life in one place!

Being a creative type I have embraced decorating my planner with pretty washi tapes and making my own customised planner dividers and inserts. When I was at the Trade Show back in February I spotted some A4 paper pads that contain a combination of 15 sheets of 120gsm paper and 15 sheets of 270gsm cardstock. One of the paper pads, Romantic Flowers caught my eye so as soon as it arrived on Friday I grabbed a pad to make a new set of A5 dividers for my Kikki K.


If you fancy having a go at making your own dividers you will need:

A set of dividers from your current planner
Scissors/Paper Trimmer
Romantic Flowers Paper Pad
Laminator & Laminating pouches 
Pen to label your tabs, I used a Dymo Label maker and the black on transparent Dymo tape
Hole Punch – I used a Rapesco one

How to:

1. Select your papers, I was making 7 dividers so I selected my 7 favourite card stock prints from the Romantic Flower Paperpad.


2. Using your existing dividers, cut your cardstock to size. P1018320

I used a trimmer to cut my sheets to the same size P1018322

I then used each individual divider to cut out the tabs using a pair of scissors.P1018324

3. Label each of your tabs. I have a fab Dymo label maker which will print any font you choose onto a label 7mm thick which makes it perfect for labelling planner dividers. I used the free font KG Somebody That I Used to Know



4. Next put each divider into a laminating pouch and run it through your laminator (laminators are really cheap you can pick one up for about £15)


5. Once all your dividers are laminated use your trimmer/scissors to cut around each divider.


6. Using a punched piece of paper as a guide, punch holes in each of your dividers so they are ready to go in your planner.


7. Pop your new dividers in your planner and admire your customised dividers!


P1018395 Dividers in Kikki K Planner

I used the Romantic Flowers Paper Pad to make my dividers but I’m very tempted to make a second set with the Patisserie Paper Pad. If you fancy having a look at papers in each of the new paper pads along with the new washi tapes and stamps take a look at our YouTube video here

Happy Crafting!

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Ps. Find our planner goodies in the shop here

Quick Mothers Day Card

Just in case you had missed it, its Mothers Day on Sunday. My Mum has been leaving helpful hints on the fabrics she has had her eye on, yes Mum Tilda Summer Fair is coming your way!!

So in packaging up her pressie today I needed a quick card to go with it and whipped up this little card.

Mothers Day Card with Brooch

I love these pretty cards they come in a pack of 20 and are pre-printed and ready for decorating. I used my go to “Through the Year” Stamp set which has a handy stamp for every occasion, in this case “For a Lovely Mum” and finished it off with some of our Pink Lovely Bakers Twine.

Mothers Day Brooch

So what about the flower? Well the flower is actually a brooch which I made using the fantastic Clover Kanzashi Flower Maker and some Sevenberry Sage Green Gingham. I backed the flower with a small circle of felt and a brooch pin and on the front I sewed on one of our retro flower buttons.

Job done a pretty card and a brooch in 5 minutes. I hope you like it Mum!

Will  you be making or buying your Mothers Day Cards this year?

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PS. if you need a last minute gift for Mum check out our gift vouchers.  For those last minute gifts we can even do e-vouchers just drop us an email and we will sort it out!