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Win: Wild Things – Funky Little Clothes to Sew

Wild Things Funky Little Clothes to Sew

Wild Things – Funky Little Clothes to Sew is the first book by Kirsty Hartley the talented designer and business owner behind Wild Things which can only be described as one of the most innovative and fun kids clothing company around. Kirsty started Wild Things back in 2011 with the ethos “to put imagination back into beautiful every day children’s clothes”. Kirstys book takes her ethos a step further by providing the patterns and instructions to make your very own versions of her outfits for the little people in your life.

Bird hoodie

The book is split into 3 main sections:

Dresses: With over 70 pages of dressmaking including A line dresses, pinafores, sundresses, rompers, aprons and long sleeve dresses there is plenty of options for beginners as well as more experienced dressmakers. I loved the Flower Collar Dress and Bumblebee Romper, yes its a romper that looks like a bee, oh the cuteness!A Line Wild things Print Dress 1

Bottoms: With cute elasticated skirts, bloomers and baby knickers this section works well providing matching bottoms for the dresses and pinafores in the dresses section.group_234788

Character Outfits: For me the Character Outfits section is the most unique and fun section, fancy making a fox, owl or baby mouse dress? Or how about some bear, puppy or wolf dungarees. A red riding hood cape or a bear or lion coat? The designs are incredible and you can only imagine the excitement a child would having wearing one of these gorgeous outfits, they scream fun playtime and would be sure to fire the dungarees

A couple of things I love about Kirsty’s book:

  • All the basic techniques you will need are explained up front with step by step photo instructions, applique, bias binding and inserting a zip are all covered
  • Projects are graded from easy to more challenging so you can easily identify a project to meet your skills.
  • The full size patterns come in a pocket and you can take them out and spread them out, you will need to trace them but I love that this book includes proper sized patterns! You can also download them if you want to print them out and a link is provided in the book
  • The designs are FUN, FUN, FUN, this is a book that screams sunshine, stories and playtime! If you have a child aged 6 months to 7 years there is something for you and them!

teepee group shot

Overall its a gorgeous book full of unique inspiring projects so if you have little ones to make for its gorgeous! Don’t take my word for it you can have a flick through the book over on Amazon

Kirsty has kindly sent me one copy of Wild Things: Funky Little Clothes to Sew to giveaway, so to be in with a chance of winning just enter using the Rafflecopter Giveaway below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The draw closes on 6th June and I will contact the winner shortly afterwards

Good luck!

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Ps. If you are not sure you are up to making one of  Kirsty’s cute outfits yourself, head over to Wild Things shop where you can find the pre-made version all handmade here in the UK, shhh we wont tell!

Farm Girl Fun – Week 4 – Canning Season & Chicken Foot Blocks

Hooray its Farm Girl Friday so here is a very quick post with last weeks Farm Girl blocks, on the table this week were Canning Season and Chicken Foot.

Farm Girl Vintage Book

Canning Season Block

I was really looking forward to the Canning Season block, I love the little stack of jars and its a great opportunity to show off a few of my favourite fabrics!

Canning Season Block - Farm Girl Vintage

For this block I used Moda Bonnie & Camille Grey Gingham for the jar lids. For the jars I used Moda Chloes Closet Cherries, Moda American Jane Green Spiky Flowers, Pam Kitty Garden Pink Flowers, Penny Rose Hope Chest Yellow FlowersFlower Sugar Cherry Polka Dot Rose in Blue and American Jane Navy Bandana. As always I used Makower Alisons Flowers Spaced Daisy as the background.

I quite fancy making this one in the 12 inch size for my kitchen, it would make a cute potholder!

Chicken Foot Block

As a Chicken keeper I love seeing chicken themed blocks pop up in the book and Chicken Foot is chicken themed block no.2!  I was expecting Chicken Foot (or as I really want to call it Chicken Feet!) to be a tricky block given it involves 20 half square triangles, with all those points to get spot on when sewing together I was expecting plenty of unpicking with this block but somehow I winged it and my seam ripper didn’t get any use. Well they do say chicken feet can bring good luck!

Chicken Foot Block

For this block I used Blue Spiky Flowers by American Jane,  Camellia Lattice Blooms by Robert Kaufman, Green Polka Dot Daisy by American Jane, Bonnie & Camille Yellow Dewdrop and as before Makower Alisons Flowers Spaced Daisy as the background.

Well thats all for week 4, I will be back next week with the next two blocks in the Sew-Along! Don’t forget if you fancy sewing along you can find Loris Farm Girl Vintage book here and a range of Farm Girl inspired fabrics here

Happy Sewing!

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An Introduction to Paper Flower Making

Introducing Paper Flower Making from The Homemakery

If you have visited the Homemakery lately you may have noticed our new range of  Paper Flower Making Supplies tucked away in our Home Crafts department!

Paper Flower Making is the perfect craft for many of us combining both a love of making and a love of flowers!  Paper Flower making is a craft that harks back hundreds of years but gathered popularity during the Victorian era when paper crafting supplies became more widely available. Now paper flower making is heralding a come back for the pinterest generation looking to create their own fabulous floral displays for their homes, parties and weddings.

When the supplies arrived on Friday I had a play over the weekend and made my first Dahlia, its not perfect but not bad for a first try!


So if you haven’t come across Paper Flower Making before and fancy giving it a try, here is our beginners guide to Paper Flower Making!

Flower Making Supplies

Paper Flower Making How To From The Homemakery

You don’t need a lot to get started with paper flower making, a roll of florist crepe paper,  paper covered wire (for the stems) and roll of floral tape will get you started:

Florist Crepe Paper

Florist Crepe forms the foundation of your flowers and is used to make petals and leaves. Coming in 25 colours there really is a colour for every flower! What makes Florist Crepe different from normal crepe is probably its pliability, florist crepe goes from a being a flat (albeit rumpled) piece of paper and with a little carressing you can work the paper to form the cupped shapes that form the individual petals of your flowers and leaves. Florist crepe is a lot more sturdy than normal crepe making it more durable and long lasting.

Florist Crepe PaperFloral Tape

Floral Tape is also known as stem wrap and is an essential piece of your flower making kit. Flower Tape is used for attaching petals and leaves as well as covering the stem. Floral tape is slightly sticky with an adhesive that releases as the tape is stretched and wound around the flower.

Floral Tapes


If you are making a bouquet of flowers you will need a sturdy stem to support your flower heads. Paper Covered Floral Wire come in 50cm lengths and using wire cutters they can be cut down to size. Using the Floral Tape you can cover the stem turning it any colour you like.Floral Tapes


Flower Templates are really useful part of your kit if you are looking to create a specific flower like a Peony, Rose or Dahlia. Made from sturdy cardboard the templates can be reused hundreds of times. Alternatively there are many Paper Flower Making Books on the market which come full of templates which you can photocopy and cut out. Alternatively you can draw your own and experiment using different petal shapes!

Flower Making Templates

Flower Centre & Stamens

To start your flower you need to create a flower centre, the simplest method is to fringe cut some crepe paper, if you want a round centre you can use a cotton wool ball or polystyrene ball covered in crepe paper. Packs of Flower Pips are available in multiple colour combos and they are used to make the very realistic flower stamens at the centre of the flower.

Flower Pips


You will need a pair of scissors for cutting your petals and leaves, craft wire and glue though not essential can prove a life send when trying to secure multiple petals and stamens. Something I am very keen to try with Paper Flower making is painting my petals to add depth, detail and colour variation to the flower petals, I cant wait to try that!

Paper to Petal

If you are thinking of dipping your toe in the wonderful world of Paper Flowers I would definitely recommend the wonderful book Paper to Petal. I have had my copy since February and I have been chomping at the bit to get the supplies in so I could start flower making!


Not only is Paper to Petal the most stunning coffee table book packed to the brim with beautifully styled and amazingly stunning paper flowers, its also a practical how to book. The front section of the book shows every flower beautifully photographed in drool worthy settings, next comes a section on the materials you need, followed by basic paper flower making techniques. Step by step instructions on each flower project in the book then follow along with 264 templates which you can photocopy and use to make your own flowers.

But don’t take my word for it watch this gorgeous video or pop over to Amazon and  you can take a look inside

That’s paper flower making in a nutshell, if you fancy giving it a try check out our range of paper flower making supplies here, there are even pre-made kits containing floral crepe, floral tape, templates and instructions so you can get started straight away!

I will be back soon with a few more paper flower making posts, its definitely my new favourite craft and I cant wait to share more with you!

Happy Paper Flower Making!

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Farm Girl Fun – Week 3 – Bake Day & Butter Churn

Farm Girl Friday took on a whole new meaning for me this Friday with lots of Fabulous Farm Girl Fabric Bundles being sent to their new homes. My poor rotary cutter needed a rest from from all things Farm Girl until this afternoon when I took an hour out from planting the garden for a spot of sewing!

Farm Girl Vintage Book

On the table this week were two kitchen themed blocks, Baking Day and Butter Churn. I thought Butter Churn was going to be a bit of a stinker of a block but it turned out to be quite straight forward which after last week I was quite thankful for!

Baking Day Block

A lovely simple block to start with and one where two pieces of fabric get to shine as the baking day bowls. My kitchen at home has a Pink, Red and Blue theme so I wanted my Baking Day Block to reflect that so I reached for the Flower Sugar and got stuck in!

Baking Day Block Farm Girl VIntage

For this block I used Moda Into the Woods Bark Cut for my wooden spoon. My pink bowl used Flower Sugar Tiny Flowers in Pink and for the larger bowl I used Flower Sugar Cherry Polka Dot Rose in Red with a stripe of Dashwood Studios Cross Stitch. Makower Alisons Flowers Spaced Daisy as the background.

Butter Churn Block

I loved having a “Butter” themed block this week as it happened to be the week that I made Butter for the very first time! I love a kitchen gadget and when I was at the supermarket I spotted a Chef N Butter Maker, intrigued I bought one, and a day later I had my first batch of butter. Homemade butter is so good, I took it to a friends house for dinner with some home made Focaccia and didn’t bring any of it home, a definite hit!

So back to my butter churn block I had noticed that there were quite a few posts on instagram saying how challenging it was so I was expecting a bit of a battle to get all the points to line up, but actually it turned out to be relatively straightforward once I got going. I did cheat slightly on the pinwheel section by making my half square triangles a little larger and then cutting them down to size but thats because I struggle with fiddly HSTs that end up a little wonky, cutting them to size results in perfect squares every time!

Butter Churn Block - Farm Girl VIntage

For this block I used Hope Leaves from the Penny Rose Hope Chest Collection, Blue Daisy Flower from Lecien Flower Sugar collection, Grey Gingham from Bonnie & Camille April Showers and as before Makower Alisons Flowers Spaced Daisy as the background.

Well thats all for this week, I will be back next week with the next two blocks in the Sew-Along! Don’t forget if you fancy sewing along you can find Loris Farm Girl Vintage book here and a range of Farm Girl inspired fabrics here

Happy Sewing!

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